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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are we an OEM factory for safety shoes?

Please showcase your safety shoe style and target price, and I will promptly make a sample that meets your requirements to show you.

Do you provide customization services ?

Could you kindly provide me with your design specifications or any similar designs? I would be pleased to offer you a satisfactory sample and price.

Do you have CE certificate?

Yes. We will also fully cooperate with you to obtain safety footwear certification. We are willing to share the cost of safety shoe certification with you.

What is the commitmen of H-TECH?

Zero quality complaints, Less than 5% delivery delays, and a 100% resolution rate. 6-month quality guarantee.

Who We Are And Factory Introduction

H-tech Safety Footwear is a safety shoes factory from China, Founded in 2003, Has a 20000㎡ industrial shoes production workshop, A Desma high-quality work shoes 36 clamping units direct injection machine and three industrial work shoes direct pouring machine, one safety shoe cement production line and one Goodyear welted industrial work boots production line. We have our own satra-accredited laboratory. 150 employees. And an independent quality control team for safety shoes.

We supply safety shoes OEM/ODM service for dozens of European and American safety shoe brands, safety shoe distributors, and safety shoe wholesalers all year round. The annual export of safety shoes is 1.5 million pairs.

What kind Of Safety Shoes Do We Provide

As a supplier of safety shoes. We provide safety shoes, working shoes, military army boots, best steel toe safety shoes, best lightweight safety shoes, best steel toe work boots, comfortable steel toe safety shoes, electrical safety shoes, ESD safety shoes, heat resistant safety shoes, safety casual shoes, truck boots, and professional Custom-Made、OEM and ODM services worldwide. Our products are applied to oil and gas, automotive engineering, aerospace and defense, construction, public utilities, railways, and agriculture.

We differentiate according to production processes, mainly including:

Direct injection sole safety shoes

Direct injection sole safety shoes: PU/PU safety shoes, PU+TPU industrial shoes, and PU+rubber injection safety shoes, ETPU+PU safety shoes, PU safety shoes

More products

Cement construction shoes manufacturer

Cement construction shoes: Rubber+EVA outsole cement safety boots, TPU+EVA outsole Cement safety shoes, and Rubber+ETPU safety shoes

More products

Goodyear welt safety shoes manufacturer

Goodyear welt safety shoes: Goodyear welted work boots, Industrial safety shoe, Goodyear welt Industrial boots and safety walking shoes, Military boots

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Why choose to establish a long-term and stable partnership with H-tech safety footwear

Why Choose Us?

Custom OEM/ODM Design

Comprehensive QC Control

Competitive Factory Price

Robust Production System.

Stable Supply Capacity

 Quickly Delivery Time

  • We are a ESD safety shoes manufacturer
    We are a ESD safety shoes manufacturer

To be an industrial shoe company, We have a comprehensive production system that can meet the OEM/ODM needs of different customers for all categories of safety shoes. Our sound quality control system ensures that even our testing laboratory is SATRA-certified, which guarantees that we can sustainably and steadily supply high-quality safety shoes.

If you desire to enhance the sales of your safety shoes, decrease the number of quality complaints, and provide more options for new styles, We urge you to pause and acquire a deeper understanding of our company.

For Safety Shoes Brand Manufacturers

As a safety shoes manufacturer in China, We offer custom-made、OEM or ODM safety shoes services that can be branded with your brand logo and get the certificate. From new product development, and new product testing to trial production and after-sales service, we provide full tracking services. Warehousing services are also available

For Large Chain Supermarket Buyers

As a safety shoes manufacturer factory China, We understand that Large Chain Supermarket Buyers need to provide a wide range of safety shoes for men and women. That's why we offer a variety of designs including steel toe safety shoes for men, women's safety shoes, and lightweight safety shoes. 

For Local Safety Shoes Distributors:

As a safety shoes and safety boots factory in China, We provide wholesale industrial safety shoes that are durable and of high quality. We can provide distributors with orders for customized safety shoes with a minimum order quantity of 500 pairs, and we can provide distributors with safety shoe certification services.

For Safety Shoes Retail Shops:

As a safety shoes manufacturer from China online, We can provide retailers with existing styles suitable for sale in the region, with certified safety shoe styles. Our company has hundreds of proprietary styles available for retailers to choose from. Flexible delivery methods and comprehensive after-sales service.

Certification And Quality

As an outstanding safety shoes manufacturer, We have a sound and certified quality management system, and our products comply with CE, ANSI, and CSA standards.

As an excellent OEM/ODM factory, We can provide customers with all the required testing samples for certification free of charge.





H-tech safety footwear products up to the requirment of ASTM standard.
National safety council of safety shoes
GB safety shoes standard
H-tech safety ootwear up to the requirement of CSA standard
Green Amb with H-TECH FOOTWEAR
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