Goodyear Welted safety shoes

H-tech safety footwear have 20 years of experience in the market as a professional manufacturer of Goodyear welted safety shoes. We customize Goodyear welted safety shoes, men’s Goodyear welt safety shoes, women’s Goodyear welt safety shoes, and Goodyear welt work boots according to customer requirements.

We make changes to the existing styles according to customer needs since we accept OEM, ODM, or Custom-made orders.

According to customer requirements, we also make changes to the safety shoe standards. For example, we can provide anti-static safety shoes or ESD safety shoes based on the styles shown on this product page. Additionally, we can offer electrically insulated safety shoes.

If the customer’s order quantity is large or if there are ongoing orders, we will provide the customer with the most favorable price and payment method.

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