slip on safety shoes

We, as a professional manufacturer of slip-resistant safety shoes, prioritize the provision of protection against slipping on wet, oily, or icy surfaces for wearers.

CE ENISO20345-2022 categorizes the slip resistance level of safety shoes into SRA and SR. The ASTM F 1677 standard defines brungraber MarkⅡ as the highest level of anti-slip.

We achieve this function through the design of the slip resistance outsole pattern and the formulation of the outsole material.

In addition, our rubber outsole core slip resistance formula meets the anti-slip requirements of safety shoes worldwide.

We proudly offer customized export services for safety shoes. If you have a need for these shoes, please do not hesitate to contact us.

First of all, we offer our customers the ability to upgrade the slip resistance function of our existing safety shoe styles, ensuring that every pair in bulk orders can pass the tests. Additionally, we provide a service for the development of new styles of slip-resistant safety shoes for our customers.

Secondly, our own laboratory, accredited by SATRA, possesses the world’s most advanced EN ISO20345-2022 SR testing equipment. Our slip resistance testing reports are recognized by the SATRA organization, enabling us to provide a comprehensive service for our customers.

Moreover, the minimum order quantity is 500 pairs, facilitating low-cost trial production for our customers. We also offer flexible payment options such as T/T, L/C, and OA.

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