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Light Safety Shoes HTN516

  • Upper: TPU toe, microfiber and  mesh;
  • Mesh lining;
  • EN ISO20345-2022 Composite Toe;
  • Kevlar penetration Protective Midsole;
  • Mesh and EVA comfort insole;
  • Dual density PU injection Anti-Static Sole;
  • EN ISO 20345-2022 S1PS
  • Shock Absorbing Heel;
  • Brand: OEM;
  • MOQ: 1000 pairs;
  • Delivery date: 30 days;
  • Size: euro 36#-48#;
  • Payment term:T/T, L/C, OA 90 days.
  • HTN516 Light Safety Shoes Vlog

Introducing the HTN516 light safety shoes: an advanced, protection-first footwear solution meticulously designed to outperform traditional heavy safety shoes. Perfect for both men and women, these shoes infuse cutting-edge materials with sleek design, meeting the demands of today’s workforce with ease.

For women, the HTN516 is a robust Kevlar penetration protective midsole. This essential component shields against punctures while maintaining a lightweight profile for continuous comfort. Designed with an emphasis on both practicality and appearance, these shoes cater to various work environments while prioritizing safety features.

Building on that, the HTN516 for men is crafted with a specialized mesh and EVA comfort insole for exceptional breathability and sustained cushioning. This combination delivers lightweight wearability with crucial comfort for extended periods on your feet, a must-have for today’s industrious man.

Elevating workplace footwear, the HTN516 ultra-light safety shoes integrate a dual-density PU injection with an Anti-Static Sole. This pairing ensures dependable stability and reduced static risks, essential for various industrial fields. The shoes’ anti-static attributes and robust build position them as top choices for safety-first professionals.

Acknowledged as some of the best light safety shoes available, the HTN516 complies with the EN ISO 20345-2022 S1PS standard, offering all-around feet protection. The inclusion of a shock-absorbing heel reduces impact during intensive tasks, lessening fatigue and injury chances.

Available for OEM branding, the HTN516 has an MOQ of 1000 pairs. Expected delivery is set at 30 days post-order, with sizes ranging from Euro 36# to 48#. Flexible payment options include T/T, L/C, and OA 90 days. These light safety shoes stand as a testament to durability and all-day comfort, crafted to satisfy the diverse demands of contemporary workers.


Key Features

EN ISO20345-2022 composite toe cap

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

Footwear ergonomic and comfort

Slip resistance SR

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole


Closed heel area

EN ISO 20345-2022 4.5mm PL


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