Lightweight Military Boots Desert Color HMB6100

Military Boots Lightweight with Desert color

  • 1.8-2.0 mm suede leather and nylon upper with polyester inserts.
  • Speed lacing YKK side zipper, combined with closed hook eyelets.
  • 8 Inches in height and closed hooks construction.
  • Lightweight and flexible platform cement construction with EVA midsole and Slip resistant rubber outsole.
  • MOQ: 500 pairs.
  • Delivery date: 30 days.
  • Payment term: T/T; L/C; OA 90 days.
  • Size: Euro 36#-49#
  • HMB6100 Lightweight military boots vlog


HMB6100 military boots inspection:

HMB6100 lightweight military boots are designed specifically to maintain speed and flexibility in dry and hot environments. Using durable 1.8mm waterproof suede and waterproof nylon upper, it can provide not only the best performance and comfort but also the waterproof function of short-term wet and slippery road surfaces to keep feet dry at all times. The closed hook structure ensures a stable fit and the quick on-and-off design of the YKK zipper.

To increase foot comfort, We use detachable inserts made of polyether material for insoles, with a soft, high rebound lining and hydrolysis resistance. They use lightweight and flexible platform cement structures to provide flexibility without compromising durability.

The EVA midsole provides cushioning performance, while the anti-slip rubber outsole ensures stability in various terrains. Our boots comply with the EN ISO20347 standard and are the ultimate choice for demanding outdoor activities. Wearing our lightweight military boots, experience the perfect fusion of performance and comfort.

what are the most comfortable lightweight military boots

The most comfortable lightweight military boots prioritize factors such as cushioning, support, and breathability. H-TECH SAFE FOOTWEAR often receives praise for manufacturing the HMB6100 military boots, renowned for their comfortable design, which features an EVA midsole, moisture-absorbing lining, and ergonomic insoles.

In addition, boots with flexible structures and sufficient ankle support can enhance comfort during prolonged wear. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the specific requirements of the purchaser’s preferences and intended use.

We are an OEM factory

We can develop and design military boot styles according to customer needs, and we can cooperate with the purchaser to conduct relevant tests on EN ISO20345 and EN ISO20347.
As well as, We can deliver on time and with flexible payment methods.
Our original intention to satisfy our customers is to provide quality assurance beyond 200 days.


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    Key Function

    Shock absorbing sole

    Ankle protect.

    Rubber outsole HRO

    Waterproof and breathable

     slip resistance SR


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