Military boots for men 8″ rapid response stealth boot HMB6101

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Military Boots for men with Sand color

  • Model number HMB6101
  • 1.8-2.0 mm suede leather and nylon upper with polyester inserts.
  • Speed lacing YKK side zipper, combined with closed hook eyelets.
  • 8 Inches in height and closed hooks construction.
  • Double ventilation holes.
  • Lightweight and flexible platform cement construction with heat resistant and slip resistant rubber outsole.
  • MOQ: 500 pairs.
  • Delivery date: 30 days.
  • Payment term: T/T; L/C; OA 90 days.
  • Size: Euro 36#-49#
  • HMB6101 Military Boots For Men Vlog


HMB6101 military boots for men product description

The HMB6101 Military Boots for men is tailored to the specific needs of arid and hot environments. It is specially designed for wilderness, long-distance marching, and outdoor terrain operations.

It  uses breathable suede + Cordura nylon upper, also has ventilation holes on the outside of the toe, making it more suitable for keeping pace during long-distance marches. Dry and breathable.

Our HMB6101 men’s military boots comply with EN ISO20345-2012 and ASTM standards.

In terms of materials, especially the soles, we have added tear resistance, tear resistance and high temperature resistance (HRO) to the rubber outsole.

Especially In the arid Gobi Desert and mountain mosaic environments of the Middle East and Africa, surface temperatures at noon can exceed 60°C.

Product Feature

1: YKK side zipper quick put on and take off design.

2: Dual-channel ventilation holes, the negative pressure formed with the movement of footsteps can quickly form air circulation.

Notes on Mens Military Boots Manufacturer

1. We offer customized military boot designs tailored to meet customer requirements.
2. We collaborate with purchasers to perform tests on EN ISO20345 and EN ISO20347.
3. Additionally, we ensure timely delivery and flexible payment options.
4. Our commitment is to provide quality assurance extending beyond 200 days, striving to exceed customer expectations.


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    Key Function

    Shock absorbing sole

    Ankle protect.

    Rubber outsole HRO

    Water resistant and breathable

     slip resistance SR


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