SR slip on safety shoes factory inspection

Changes in non-slip safety shoes standard en iso 20345-2022: from SRA/SRB/SRC to en iso 20345-2011 to SRA/SR.

So far, we have updated the safety shoes anti slip tests for all our OEM and ODM orders,

In the previous standard, SRC was considered the best classification for anti slip safety shoes,.

but this is not the case.

In fact, There are many misunderstandings in the market regarding the slip resistance of “SRA”, “SRB” and “SRC”.

Because in order to achieve an SRC rating,

It is necessary to compromise the design principles of achieving good SRA and SRB results based on differences in sole patterns and lubricants.

Therefore, in EN ISO 20345:2022, this issue has been addressed to create a system that can more accurately define slip resistance within the industry.

The conditions for conducting anti slip tests on footwear have changed. In previous versions, there were conditions related to the front heel slip and front flat test modes.

However, in the 2022 version of the standard, the forward smoothing mode has been changed to “backward forward sliding” (only bending the area when the heel is raised).

As the world’s leading SR safety shoes factory from China, we are committed to providing customers with a continuous and stable supply of SR safety shoes.

In the new safety shoes EN ISO 20345-2022 non-slip standard, we have complied with the requirements of customers for the production of non-slip safety shoes.

The detection has been improved, we will carry out the anti-slip test for each batch of non-slip safety shoes leaving the factory, in our satra accredited certified laboratory.

slip-resistent test machine in H-tech safety foot wear for CE ISO 20345 SRA&SR. Each batch of SR safety shoes orders will be inspected in our satra accredited laboratory before leaving our factory
Slip-resistent test machine

Such a service can not only guarantee the high quality, but also ensure a faster delivery time.

Because our laboratory is certified by Satra, we can avoid the need to go to a third-party testing agency for testing before each shipment, That can be put on the market faster

When the heel slides forward, a coefficient of friction of >= 0.19 mm is allowed.

When the front part of the shoe slides backward, a coefficient of friction of >= 0.22 mm is allowed.

We will test each position five times and take the average value

The conditions for conducting anti slip tests on footwear have changed In the current testing.

In previous versions, there were conditions related to the front heel slip and front flat test modes.

Now, the forward smoothing mode has been changed to “backward forward sliding” (only bending the area when the heel is raised)

I once wrote a blog about Slip On Safety Shoes – The Ultimate Guide for Slip-Resistant Footwear at Work.

This blog is because the new EN ISO20345-2022 has changed the anti-slip requirements of safety shoes.

And how we, as a manufacturer of safety shoes, can better serve our customers under the new anti-slip standard.

As a slip-resistant safety shoe manufacturer:

It is crucial to provide a steady supply of high-quality slip-on safety shoes for different customers, Our range of slip-on safety shoes caters to various needs, ensuring that workers can stay safe and comfortable in their workplace environments.

For women’s slip-on safety shoes, we offer slip-on safety shoes specifically designed to fit comfortably on women’s feet. providing SR slip resistance and protection against workplace hazards.

Similarly, our men’s slip-on safety shoes are built to withstand the demands of tough work environments. These shoes feature reinforced toe caps, slip-resistant outsoles, and durable materials to provide maximum protection and grip.

Our slip-on safety shoe collection also includes styles for ladies who seek both safety and style in their footwear. Slip resistance, comfort, and durability are at the forefront of our designs for ladies’ slip-on safety shoes.

When it comes to safety shoes in general, slip resistance is a critical factor. Skid-proof or slip-resistant footwear is designed to minimize the risk of slipping on smooth or wet surfaces.

Our slip-resistant outsoles are tailored to provide superior traction, reducing the chances of accidents in slippery environments.

While slip-on safety shoes are convenient and comfortable, it’s important to note that they come in various safety categories. Some options, like our slip-on composite toe shoes, provide additional protection against impacts and compressions.

On the other hand, steel toe slip-on covers can be used with regular shoes to convert them into safety shoes temporarily.

At our company, we strive to produce the best slip-on steel toe shoes, combining slip-resistant features with the ultimate protection of steel toe caps.

Our shoes meet or exceed industry safety standards, ensuring that users are well-protected in hazardous work conditions.

In conclusion, as a slip-resistant safety shoe manufacturer, we understand the importance of providing a continuous supply of reliable slip-on safety shoes for our customers.

Our range includes slip-on safety shoes for women, men, and individuals seeking both comfort and style.

Know more about How H-tech safety footwear service you and your safety shoes demand.

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