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Casual Safety Toe Shoes HTN515

HTN515 S3 Casual Safety Toe Shoes

  • S2 1.8mm suede leather andTPU toe upper .
  • Breathable and waterproof mesh lining.
  • Cement construction rubber outsole with Flexible, comfortable, anti-slip, and abrasion-resistant.
  • Kevlar penetration midesole Cushion removable insert and underfoot comfort.
  • ASTM F2413-18 M I/75 C/75 EH or EN ISO 20345-2022 rated composite-toe.
  • Size: EURO  35#-49#
  • Brand: OEM/ODM;
  • MOQ:1000 pairs;
  • Delivery date: 30 days.

Introduction of HTN515 Casual Safety Toe Shoes

HTN515 upper:

We are introducing our HTN515 Casual Safety Toe Shoes, tailored for customers seeking safety and style. Crafted with a robust S2 1.8mm suede leather, our shoes feature a resilient TPU too. They are designed for versatility and blend into casual settings while providing industrial-grade protection.

Every pair includes a breathable and waterproof mesh lining. This ensures feet stay dry and comfortable in diverse conditions. Durability meets design as we integrate cement construction with a rubber outsole. Our shoes guarantee flexibility, comfort, and resistance to slips and abrasion.

HTN515 sole:

At the core lies a Kevlar penetration midsole, paired with a cushioned removable insert. This duo elevates underfoot comfort, allowing wearers to stand and move effortlessly for hours.

HTN515 standard:

Complying with the latest safety standards, our shoes are ASTM F2413-18 M I/75 C/75 EH and EN ISO 20345-2022 rated, sporting a reliable composite toe. Catering to a broad range of clients, our size offerings span from EURO 35# to 49#.

Order services:

We take pride in our OEM/ODM brand capability, pledging to meet various branding needs. Our minimum order quantity stands at 1000 pairs, striking a balance between exclusivity and accessibility.

Prospective partners can expect a swift delivery date within 30 days. Embrace the blend of safety and casual elegance with our Casual Safety Toe Shoes, engineered for the modern workforce.

Experience the fusion of innovation and practicality. Our Casual Safety Toe Shoes are more than footwear; they represent a commitment to safety without sacrificing fashion. Ideal for workplaces that value a casual ambiance, our shoes provide essential protection discreetly.

We acknowledge the unique needs of every business and thus offer extensive customizability. With options for OEM/ODM branding, clients can personalize each pair to reflect their company’s ethos. Whether for a corporate uniform or resale, our shoes become synonymous with your brand’s commitment to safety and style.

Are we concerned about logistics? Our streamlined production process ensures we meet your schedule, promising a 30-day delivery date from order confirmation. We manage bulk orders with ease, starting with a MOQ of 1000 pairs, making sure every professional can experience the superior quality of our Casual Safety Toe Shoes.

Step into the future of safety footwear with our sophisticated designs. Make a statement in the workplace and beyond with shoes that safeguard with style. Welcome to the next level of occupational safety—HTN515, where every step counts.

HTN515 product vlog

Key Features

EN ISO20345-2022 composite toe cap

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

EN ISO20345-2022 footwear ergonomic and comfort

EN ISO20345-2022 slip resistance SR

EN ISO20345-2022 antistatic

EN ISO20345-2022 closed heel area

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole

Non-metallic perforation resistant insert with conical nail

Outsole with cleat

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