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Safety Toe Cap Shoes S1PS HTN528

Safety Toe Cap Shoes, Model HTN526 specifications:

  • Steel Toecap】Conforms to EN ISO20345-2022 steel toe cap.
  • Upper Materials】high-quality performance lychee split.
  • Linging Materials】Moisture Wicking with breathable, Keep your foot breathable.
  • 【Sole Materials】 PU and rubber injection sole with slip resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and Steel penetration midsole.
  • Safety Rating】EN ISO20345-2022 S1PL.
  • 【Manufacturer service】We supply OEM/ODM and custom-made service; Warranty: 3 month; MOQ: 2000 pairs; Delivery date: 30 days; Payment term: OA 90 days.
  • 【Vlog】HTN526 Safety Toe Cap Shoes Vlog

Safety Toe Cap Shoes, Model HTN526 Features

Introducing the HTN526 Safety Toe Cap Shoes, A pair of the most affordable yet durable safety footwear. a pinnacle of protection and comfort in hazardous work environments. Engineered to meet rigorous standards, these shoes offer unparalleled safety and durability.

Firstly, the “Steel Toecap” design complies with the latest EN ISO20345-2022. Our rigorous testing guarantees every pair withstands impact and compression. We promise a full return if even a single pair in a batch fails.

Secondly, the “Upper Materials” provide options catered to your needs. Choose the non-waterproof S1-grade split or the waterproof S2-grade for added protection.

Thirdly, the “Lining Materials” feature moisture-wicking for breathability. The abrasion resistance fulfills CE standards. We customize the weight according to client preferences.

Moreover, the “Sole Materials” combine PU and rubber for superior grip. They resist slips, oil, and wear. The steel penetration midsole heightens protection. We pledge a 6.5-minute molding time per pair and refrain from using plasticizers.

Additionally, the “Safety Rating” of EN ISO20345-2022 S1PL signifies high safety levels. Trust in this footwear to safeguard your feet in challenging conditions.


What kind of manufacturer service do we provide?

Furthermore, our manufacturing services are client-centric. We offer OEM/ODM and custom solutions. The warranty extends for 3 months with a minimum order of 2000 pairs.

Lastly, our terms are accommodating. Enjoy a short lead time of 30 days and a payment term of OA 90 days. The HTN526 Safety Toe Cap Shoes blend state-of-the-art safety with functional design.

As a SATRA member enterprise, H-TECH SAFETY FOOTWEAR prides itself on possessing a comprehensive production and quality inspection system.

Even though the Model HTN526 represents a rudimentary iteration of safety footwear, utilizing cost-efficient materials, our caliber of quality remains unparalleled amidst numerous safety shoe manufacturers. Should our clients place orders of modest volume, we are prepared to utilize a selection of stock raw materials which not only ensures the stability of quality but also reduces expenditures, thereby availing our customers of more favorable pricing.

We are amenable to flexible payment arrangements to facilitate seamless transactions with our clientele. Should you harbor any requisites about safety footwear, hesitate no further; I urge you to contact me forthwith.

Key Function

EN ISO20345-2022 STEEL TOE CAPEN ISO20345-2022 steel toe cap

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

Footwear ergonomic and comfort

EN ISO20345-2022 Slip resistance SR

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole

EN ISO20345-2022 Antistatic

EN ISO20345-2022 Closed heel area

EN ISO 20345-2022 4.5mm PL

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