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Safety Trainers S1PS HTN519

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  • Safety rating: EN ISO20345-2022 S1PS
  • Toe Cap: Steel Toe Cap 200J
  • Protective Midsole: Kevlar
  • Sole: Dual Density PU Injection
  • Upper: Microfiber+Mesh+TPU
  • Size:Euro 35#-48#
  • MOQ:600 pairs
  • Payment Term:T/T; L/C; OA
  • Warranty:200 days quality gurarntee
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HTN519 S1PS Safety Trainers materials description:

The HTN519 S1PS Safety Trainers command the budget-friendly work shoe sector, representing an intersection of cost-efficiency and quality. Furthermore, they serve as a paradigm of both elegance and security. Significantly, as part of the H-TECH SAFETY FOOTWEAR range for 2024, they signal the arrival of H-TECH’s apex in technological progress, creativity, and vivacity prepared for the next term.

Additionally, craftsmen of skill fashioned the HTN519 safety trainers from superior materials through a flawless production process, coupled with avant-garde research and development. This blend bestows upon the HTN519 a unique aura amid the vast domain of occupational footwear. Subsequently, below is a synopsis of the HTN519’s all-encompassing attributes:

Primarily, abrasion-resistant, permeable mesh fabric, fused with the finest microfiber leather, constructs the uppers. A TPU insignia at the ankle further embellishes them. These elements superbly shield from moisture and chill while ensuring airiness and comfort.

Innovatively, the HTN519 boasts an inventive, singular PU injection-molded sole. This fabrication—oil-resistant, and anti-slip—springs from foamed thermoplastic polyurethane with high elasticity and innovation. Its structure consists of closed cells with impressive elastic memory. Casual strides transform into kinetic dynamism, warding off fatigue and invigorating feet for optimal function and comfort throughout the day.

Moreover, outsoles, anti-slip and resistant to wear, boast a 75 PU hardness rate. Engineered grooves enhance traction and stability across various terrains.

Internally, a sandwich mesh fabric produces the lining. This triple-layered, technical textile excels in breathability and longevity, regulates internal temperature, and upholds foot hygiene.

Lastly, these trainers align with the EN ISO20345-2022 compression and impact standard, brandishing traits of being non-magnetic, light, heat-tolerant, and pliable steel toe caps. They promise absolute foot safety and endure a static load of 1100 N.

HTN519 S1PS Safety Trainers Features:

Crafted with 200J corrosion-resistant steel, the toe caps are innovative. Although non-magnetic and perforated, they weigh 51% less than conventional materials and retain equivalent protection.

Additionally, anti-static qualities permeate the design, with thickness variations between 2.5 to 8 millimeters. These features optimize impact absorption at the heel. Polyurethane, gentle to the touch and covered with a channel-structured fabric, aids in ventilation and humidity ejection.

What kind of service do we provide?

Ultimately, H-TECH SAFETY FOOTWEAR offers export customization for orders starting at 600 pairs, assurance of a 30-day delivery timeframe, adaptable payment options, and prices that challenge the global market. A flawless production regime facilitates a persistent and steadfast provision capability.

As the purveyors and manufacturers of safety trainers, we steadfastly uphold our baseline of quality standards. Should you require the service of subcontracting the export of safety footwear, hesitate not; dispatch an electronic mail forthwith, and we shall commence a novel chapter in the annals of your safety footwear supply chain.

Key Function

EN ISO20345-2022 steel toe cap

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

Footwear ergonomic and comfort

Slip resistance SR

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole


Closed heel area

EN ISO 20345-2022 3.0mm PS


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