Welding Safety Shoes S1PL HTN517

HTN517 welding safety shoes with EN ISO20345-2022 S1pL

Corrected 1.6mm waterproof leather ;

Highly breathable mesh lining;

The tongue part have a cover to cover the strap tied for neatness and attached with velcro

PU+rubber injection outsole;

Removable memory foam Insert footbed;

Steel toe puncture resistant with EN ISO20345-2022 standards;

Euro size: 35#-48#;

MOQ: 500 pairs;

Delivery date: 30 days;

Quality gurarntee : 200 days gurarntee;

Payment term: T/T, L/C, OA 90 days.

HTN517 Welding Safety shoes Vlog

Our HTN517 welding safety shoes, crafted meticulously, epitomize EN ISO 20345-2022 S1PL standards adherence, offering unmatched foot safeguarding in extreme conditions. Each pair boasts a sturdy, water-resistant 1.6 mm suede shell, enduring varied welding operations with heat resilience.

Internally, a superior mesh lining promotes remarkable ventilation, sustaining foot coolness and aridity during prolonged work. Additionally, the boots feature a well-constructed Velcro-secured tongue flap, cleverly shielding laces, epitomizing safety and tidiness.

Featuring a PU and rubber injection outsole, these HTN517 Welding Safety Shoes command recognition for lasting sturdiness and slip resistance. They house removable memory foam insoles, offering consummate comfort and easy replacement.

Safety reigns supreme; hence, our HTN517 Welding Safety Shoes integrate steel toe caps and puncture-resistant materials according to EN ISO20345-2022 standards. Available in sizes 35 to 48, they cater to every worker’s need.

With a 200-day warranty, we underline our commitment to excellence, displaying confidence in our footwear’s robustness. A minimal order of 500 pairs and swift 30-day delivery ensure prompt protection for your team.

We offer versatile payment methods—T/T, L/C, and 90-day OA—to accommodate financial needs. Select our boots for unparalleled protection and comfort amidst strenuous labor.

We are esteemed premium welding safety footwear manufacturers, thus imposing a minimum order requirement. This is necessary to account for the minimum order quantity of raw materials.

We display flexibility in customizing and developing novel styles tailored to our clients’ preferences. Equally, we offer modifications and updates to the HTN516 model. We cordially invite global safety footwear brands, wholesalers, and purchasers to engage with us for pricing inquiries. Additionally, we welcome visitors to our factory for an insightful exploration.

Key Features

EN ISO20345-2022 composite toe cap

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

Footwear ergonomic and comfort

Slip resistance SR

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole


Closed heel area

EN ISO 20345-2022 4.5mm PL


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