Work Wear Safety Shoes S3L HTN520

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HTN520 S3L HRO Work Wear Safety Shoes

  • Black color breathable and waterproof microfiber upper.
  • Abrasion-resistant mesh lining.
  • Flexible, slip-on SR, abrasion-resistant, and hro heat resistant cement construction rubber sole.
  • BOA® fit system (Customizable quick donning and doffing system)
  • EN ISO20345-2022 kevlar penetration midesole.
  • EVA insole.
  • EN ISO 20345-2022 rated composite-toe.
  • Size: EURO 35#-49#
  • Brand: OEM/ODM;
  • MOQ:1000 pairs;
  • Delivery date: 30 days.
  • Payment term: T/T;L/C;OA 90 days
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The HTN520 S3L HRO Work Wear Safety Shoes are a standout choice in your industrial attire. Initially, these shoes provide excellent protection with a sleek black microfiber upper. Moreover, this material is both breathable and waterproof, ensuring dry and comfortable feet of your feet.

Notably, their durable abrasion-resistant mesh lining supports longevity. Additionally, workers will appreciate the shoe’s lower section. The sole features EN ISO20345-2022 flexibility, non-slip capabilities, and heat resistance. All these make the shoe suitable for various workplace challenges.

The BOA fit system ensures exact tightening for a perfect fit. Quick adjustments are effortless, even when in motion. This feature elevates our HTN520, offering ease in wearability.

Furthermore, the shoes boast an EN ISO20345-2022 Kevlar midsole for puncture resistance. Consequently, these Work Wear Safety Shoes shield against sharp objects. Comfort is also a top priority, with an EVA insole in place.

Additionally, they feature a composite toe rated to the EN ISO 20345-2022 standard for optimal toe protection. Hence, users benefit from a blend of safety and lightweight comfort. With sizes ranging from EURO 35 to 49, there is a fit for every worker.

Emphasizing customer specifications, we offer OEM/ODM branding options. This customization ensures that the Work Wear Safety Shoes align perfectly with corporate branding. A minimum order quantity of 1000 pairs assures both exclusivity and a committed partnership.

Subsequently, fulfillment is equally swift and efficient, with a guaranteed delivery date of 30 days. Orders are filled and dispatched to ensure workplace safety without delay. Payment terms are flexible, with options including T/T, L/C, and OA 90 days.

In essence, the HTN520 S3L HRO shoes are the quintessence of Work Wear Safety Shoes, crafted with every aspect of foot safety and comfort in mind. They are built to serve, protect, and enhance the productivity of every industrious worker.

Key Features

EN ISO20345-2022 composite toe cap

EN ISO 20345-2022 4.5mm PL

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

EN ISO20345-2022 footwear ergonomic and comfort

EN ISO20345-2022 slip resistance SR

EN ISO20345-2022 antistatic

EN ISO20345-2022 closed heel area

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole

EN ISO20345-2022 water penetration and absorption

Outsole with cleat

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