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Waterproof safety shoes womens HTN807

Original price was: $20.80.Current price is: $15.30.

Embossed 1.8mm brown waterproof leather ;

Highly breathable and waterproof membrane with moisture wicking lining;

Cement construction Slip Resistant rubber outsole and lightweight cushioned EVA midsole;

Removable memory foam Insert footbed;

Composite Toe puncture resistant standards;

Euro size: 36#-48#

MOQ: 500 pairs

Delivery date: 30 days

Quality gurarntee : 200 days gurarntee

Payment term: T/T, L/C, OA

HTN807 Waterproof Safety Shoes  Volg


HTN807 womens waterproof safety shoes specification:

The HTN807 is a genuinely waterproof safety shoes, and also the lightest of its kind. The upper material is crafted from S2 grade soft, comfortable, waterproof embossed leather. The shoe’s collar lining is composed of three layers, ensuring comfort, waterproofing, and breathability. The innermost layer, which comes in direct contact with the skin, has a gentle and skin-friendly texture. The middle layer employs advanced EPTFE membrane technology, providing comprehensive protective, billion-per-square-centimeter microporous waterproofing. The “direct breathability” technology efficiently expels moisture from within the shoe. Additionally, the shoe collar is manufactured using sock-tongue sewing craftsmanship, with each waterproof sock liner undergoing an air-tight test for permeability.

This truly HTN807 lightweight waterproof safety shoes features a composite toe, ensuring comfort and EN ISO20345-2022 protection from impact. The cement construction EVA and rubber outsole structure lends itself to the SR level slip resistance.

For ladies, HTN807 women’s safety shoes have been specifically tailored to women’s foot shapes, differentiating from the roughness of men’s shoes and highlighting feminine allure.

What kind of service we provide?

We manufacture waterproof safety footwear and take orders with a minimum quantity of 500 pairs. Additionally, we accept flexible payment methods, such as T/T, L/C, and OA with 90-day terms.

Furthermore, we provide diverse logistic services and offer door-to-door delivery worldwide. This helps our clients manage their inventory efficiently and reduces financial costs.

Moreover, we never compromise on quality for price. If we cannot meet a client’s target price without lowering our standards, we will decline the order.

Lastly, our products come with a 200-day quality guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust in our brand’s commitment to excellence.

Key Features

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole

Waterproof and breathable upper

EN 20345-2022 slip-resistance SR

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