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Composite Safety Shoe S3S HTN529

         HTN529 S3S Composite Safety Shoe

    • Safety standard: EN ISO20345-2022 S3S,
    • Toe Cap: Composite Toe Cap 200J,
    • Protective Midsole: Kevlar midsole with EN ISO 20345-2022 PS
    • Sole: Cement Construction Rubber Outsole; Slip resistant SR level, The distinctive anti-slip particle design ensures that each pair meets the EN ISO 20345:2022 slip resistance SR standard.
    • Upper: Breathable and water resistant Microfiber,
    • Size: Euro size from 35# to 48#,
    • MOQ: 600 pairs,
    • Payment Term:T/T; L/C; OA 90 days,
    • Warranty:200 days quality guarantee,

HTN529 Composite Safety Shoe Features:

The HTN529 Composite Safety Shoe is a high-quality safety shoe that meets the EN ISO20345-2022 S3S safety standard.

First of all, The HTN529 features a composite toe cap, withstand an impact and compression of 200J, and a Kevlar midsole with EN ISO 20345-2022 PS.

Secondly, The cement construction rubber outsole is slip-resistant and meets the EN ISO 20345:2022 slip resistance SR standard. The distinctive anti-slip particle design ensures that each pair provides excellent grip.

In addition, The upper is made of breathable and water-resistant microfiber.

The shoe size is available in Euro sizes from 35# to 48#.

H-tech safety footwear is a safety shoe OEM/ODM factory:

The minimum order quantity for this htn529 is 600 pairs. We offer customization options such as adding your company’s logo to the shoe and changing the appearance or standards of the shoelaces to meet your needs.

On the other hand, We offer flexible payment terms such as T/T, L/C, and OA 90 days. For long-term customers, we can consider OA payment terms.

Otherwise, We provide a 200-day quality guarantee for the HTN529. If there are any issues with the shoe such as a large number of shoe uppers and soles opening glue, broken soles, or broken shoe uppers, we will be responsible for replacement and our company will bear the sea freight cost.


EN ISO 20345 is a European standard for safety footwear that specifies basic and additional (optional) requirements for safety footwear used in various work environments.

The “S3” designation indicates that the footwear meets specific requirements for safety, such as toe protection,

Moreover, closed heel area, anti-static properties, resistance to fuel oil, and energy absorption in the heel area. The “S” designation refers to the additional requirements for slip-resistance needle Φ=3.0mm

To summarize, The 2022 revision denotes the year the standard was last updated, indicating the most current version. It’s always important to ensure that your safety footwear meets the latest standards for maximum protection.

HTN529 Vlog

Key Function

EN ISO20345-2022 composite toe cap

EN ISO 20345-2022 3.0 mm PS

Resistance safety and performacne of materials

EN ISO20345-2022 footwear ergonomic and comfort

EN ISO20345-2022 slip resistance SR

EN ISO20345-2022 antistatic

EN ISO20345-2022 closed heel area

 EN 20345-2022 shock absorbing sole

EN ISO20345-2022 water penetration and absorption

Outsole with cleat

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