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S2 1.8mm suede leather and polyester upper with coyote brown color. Breathable and waterproof membrane lining. PU+rubber direct injection outsole with Flexible, comfortable, anti-slip, and abrasion-resistant. Kevlar penetration midesole Cushion removable insert and underfoot comfort. ASTM F2413-18 M I/75 C/75 EH or EN ISO 20345-2022 rated composite-toe Size: EURO  35#-49# Brand: OEM/ODM; MOQ:1000 pairs; Delivery date: 30 days

HMB6001 military army boots Vlog



      Lightweight design made with advanced manufacturing techniques for strength and comfort.
      A woven fibre kevlar midsole designed to protect from sharp objects entering underfoot.
      200J Impact resistant and made with a lightweight composite for perfect balance and reduced fatigue
      Provides a steady grip on this familiar industrial surface.
      Designed to keep feet dry and to provide breathability throughout the day.

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